Tips to Excavate a Patio Site

A patio is a nice home addition every residential property owner should consider building. Unfortunately, getting to business is not as easy as it sounds. Constructing a solid patio cannot only be done with a few wooden pallets, nails and some paint, it needs professional attitude by an experienced contractor who can design and manage the project. The first thing to do once you collect the finances and courage to start, is to excavate the patio site so that the building of the patio can go as easy and as smoothly as possible. Of course, you will need a well- equipped excavating contractor for this job. Here are some instructions on what you need to do:

digging a trench for pipesMake a decision about how you would like the level of your patio: ground level, a few inches up or higher, so that it requires steps to be constructed as well. Think about the height you want, as this will directly influence your excavating plans. The lower you want the stairs to be, the deeper you need to excavate.
Before starting to dig, you must make sure the ground is perfectly clear. All root systems of trees which have already been cut, some buried objects or even pipelines may often stay on the way of the excavation team you have booked, so try to avoid such uncomfortable situations by taking care of the area clearance in advance.
Mark the area you will be digging at. This measurements should reflect the actual patio size you envision. Stakes and some kind of string or ribbon to connect them work perfectly to get the job done. no solid barrier is necessary.
Calculate the depth of your excavation project and book a well equipped excavating contractor. After your excavation hole, reinforce it if necessary, in the cases when you cannot start laying the patio foundations immediately after you are done with the excavation or the soil is too wet.

It is a good idea, in fact, to excavate the soil when it is dry, in order to avoid the messy situation which excavating mud can cause. To make sure everything goes well, you better hire a company which uses heavy professional machinery and tools. North East Ohio Stone & Sand, of Hubbard OH, is always here for you, if you need a helping hand!