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What Are the Different Uses for Limestone and Landscaping Material?

Limestone gravel can normally be seen in parks and recreation places. Also, even though it does appear infrequently in residential yards or gardens, it can be used in numerous ways to spruce up everyone’s house. Sometimes, limestone is used to form walkways. Plus, it can also be used as a type of mulch around trees, seating areas, and even placed around fencing posts.

LimestoneOne of the more common uses is on walkways. Using limestone gravel instead of cement or concrete will provide a garden with a more natural appearance, in addition to being surprisingly cheap. To stop gravel from moving from its location and getting strewn across the grass, paths that use this limestone and landscaping material will be usually sunk a couple of inches below ground level. Plus, decorative brick edging will be placed on the edges of the path – this is an excellent way to prevent any movement.

Limestone can be used as a type of mulch, when placed around the likes of shrubs and trees. It is important to take note though, that when using limestone gravel as a form of mulch, it is only placed around shrubs and trees which thrive in an acidic environment. Not only can this create a unique look, but it is guaranteed to have a longer life span than traditional mulches such as wood-chip. Gravel mulches look better when their color blends in with the surrounding environment. For instance, gardens which are in a wooded environment may have dark grey gravel; however, those on or close to a beach may look better with lighter gravels.

Limestone can be used with success in exterior seating areas, in place of a deck or porch. Similar to using limestone gravel on walkways, an exterior seating area which is surrounded with gravel survives better when it is sunk a few inches below the surrounding ground level. Plus, larger seating areas must first be covered with landscaping fabric, thus preventing the growth of weeds.

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