OSHA Rules and Regulations on Demolishing Special Structures

Some Guidelines Every Demolition Contractor Must Follow

OSHA (The Occupational Safety and Health Administration), which is an office of the US Department of Labor, obliges every demolition contractor to begin work on their project with a detailed engineering survey. This survey has to reveal potential structural weaknesses. A crack on the side of a building, for example, can change the falling trajectory of the structure. Fires, injuries and cave-ins can also be avoided, if the structure is thoroughly examined before the start of the demolition process. OSHA has special requirements for freestanding structures, such as chimneys, stacks, cooling towers, and silos.

Here is the essence of some of the rules that all industrial demolition companies must follow:

Demolition serviceSteel bands should be removed from the top down. Slender and tall structures, like, for example chimneys, sometimes have steel bands wrapped around them as a means of structural support. OSHA requires that the removal of these bands starts from the top of the structure.

Proper scaffolding support for hand demolition should be provided. Sometimes towering structures are taken down by hand. It this is the case, the demolition workers have to be provided with large and stable scaffolding. The erection of the scaffold should be supervised by a competent person. The guidelines on how the scaffolding has to be constructed and used are many.

Workers should be particularly cautious when they work in confined spaces. Sometimes demolition workers have to work inside tight spaces, like, for example silos. The hazards of such spaces include explosions, asphyxiation and poisoning. For these reasons, all demolition contractors must take precautionary measures when they work in such areas.

These are just three of the many OSHA rules that have to be followed by demolition experts when demolishing special structures. The organization also has detailed requirements for outfitting workers with safety gear, keeping working sites free of debris, and demolition by collapse (when explosives are used).

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