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What Exactly Is Limestone?

LimestoneLimestone is a sedimentary rock found all over the world, it is used in various different ways. This rock is a most common form of sedimentary rock, with around 10% of sedimentary rock worldwide which is composed of this. There are various different forms of this rock that are available in an array of colors, textures, and look, and most people interact with products made from this every day.

Much like every other sedimentary rock, the aforementioned is created by the slow deposition of sediments over time. The majority of the world’s deposits come from marine origins, consisting mostly of plants and animal remains, including reefs, these are slowly deposited on ocean floors and compressed by geological activity and the weight of layers of debris and even the ocean itself. This rock forms very slowly via a process of leaching by mineral fields and deposition, this can be seen with the likes of stalactites and other such cave formations.

The key mineral present is calcium carbonate, however, the rock is sometimes mixed with other minerals. These impurities can greatly change the texture of the rock, in addition to its color. As a good example of limestones diversity, chalk and marble are both forms of limestone, even though these two look and feel totally different. With the case of chalk, the rock is white, soft, and crumbly, but, marble is hard, and has crystalline grains in various colors which includea large seam of color.

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Some limestones are made up of small grains of material that have been compressed, while others will come with crystalline structures once magnified. These variations will be influenced by the stone’s formation process, as will the color, which ranges from green, yellow, pink, white, brown, cream, rust, black, or any other color you can imagine, depending on what impurities lie within.

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